Zino (boxed)

ZINO / Pendant luminaire

ZINO consists of 3 elements:
Cable, Lampshade and suspension.

The suspension of the lampshade in shape of a Z is the central element of the lamp. It permits – with clever rewind – a quick & freely height positioning of the lamp.

ZINO consists of biodegradable and highly durable material.

BIO-composite material leaf

ZINOs Lampshade is made out of a certified biocomposite-plastic, according to the european norm EN13432 which is the standard for compostable biological composite materials.

This ensures that all components of a product are completely biodegradable and compostable – The prevalence of plastics as well as all used colors and adhesives.

Warm, stepless dimmable light.

The dimmable GX 53 LED lightsource combines bright light with a compact design.

Its thickness is less than 3 cm, with a diameter of not more than 75 mm and does not need an additional converter – its replacement is as easy than a normal light bulb exchange.

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